About Karim Ceballos

Karim CEBALLOS combines skills as an architect, interior designer and decorator in the service of creative elegance and sleek design.
Originally from Venezuela where she was born and raised, Karim CEBALLOS arrived in France in Paris to pursuing her studies at the School of Architecture of Paris (ESA), from which she graduated in 2005.

Her ideas are largely inspired and nourished by her cultural identities, her journeys and her own personal and professional path, also in the fashion and luxury world at an international level.

For Karim Ceballos, each architectural project is an opportunity for a new adventure in close interaction with her clients. She will manage to emphasize the balance of available volumes and showcase the specific lines of the spaces to be recreated, providing tailor made work whilst navigating between periods and styles with attention to detail and high quality finishes.

Able to listen to her clients, pay close attention to the projects they carry and the stories that accompany them, Karim Ceballos also knows how to surprise them by magnifying materials by their unsuspected conjugation creating and eclectically and personalized universe.


Almyra Spa Cyprus


Paris Appartment XVII


Les Jardins du Pont Neuf Paris VI


Paris Appartment Paris XVII


Restaurant L’Adalie Paris XI





Architect DESA and interior designer

Address: 50 Avenue de Wagram 75017 Paris
Phone: (+33) 6-63-04-00-10
Email: contact@kjs-architecture.com